• The Fruitbag Project

    A healthy diet with fresh, local food is not only important for aspiring designers.

    The symbol of a vibrant and sustainable food culture is the classic “Eat More Fruit” paper bag that small fruit and vegetable vendors use for their products, which has largely been replaced by plastic bags.

    In a typography class taught by Thomas Lehner and accompanied by Uwe Vock, students of the Visual Communication course at UdK Berlin are creating an updated interpretation of this traditional packaging product. The project focuses on refreshing the design through use of typefaces and their handcrafted application.

    Print shop at Markthalle NEUN

    During the weekly vegetable market at Markthalle NEUN, the students print the fruit bags by hand with their new designs. The designs can be purchased. Select works will be shown at the subsequent exhibition at designtransfer.

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