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    de que é que estás à espera?
    A talk series about the role of design in Portugal in relation to identity, society and economics.

    21. November, 19:00

    Frederico Duarte
    is a Lisbon-based design curator, lecturer and critic. His writing has been featured in international design publications such as Eye, Print, Icon, Domus, Architecture Review, Projeto Design and Público.
    He is currently teaching at ESAD Caldas da Rainha and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.

    Pedrita, Rita João & Pedro Ferreira
    Rita João and Pedro Ferreira founded Pedrita studio in 2005 and have since been developing a myriad of projects in collaboration with creative structures, individuals and clients from all over the world. Inspired by Portuguese traditional forms and techniques, Pedrita’s work casts an inquisitive look on material culture – past and present – which they reinterpret in quietly eloquent ways.

    Together they have published Fabrico Próprio – book and website — a research project dedicated to the unique design of semi-industrial Portuguese confectionery.

    28. November, 19:00

    Nuno Coelho
    is a designer and lecturer at the University of Coimbra. His graphic work explores concepts like appropriation, irony and humor, and how Design and Art question social and politic issues.
    One of his reserach areas is „Packaging Design in Portugal in the 20th century – From the functional to the symbolic“ and packaging as a political propagandistic device.

    Susana António
    is a designer and consultant for social innovation projects. Her collaboration with Portugal’s main social organisations helped change the perception of design at the institutional level, into a
    powerful tool for a social change. Her work addresses issues such as inter-generation, senior integration, isolation and dislocation through migration.

    Talks in English.

    In cooperation with Álbio Nascimento and Kathi Stertzig (The Home Project design studio).

    Mit Unterstützung von Paz D‘Alma und Berlinda (Medienpartner).
    22. November, 19 Uhr: Book Launch von „Fabrico Própio — the Design of Portuguese semi-industrial Confectionary“, PAZ D’ALMA — DESIGN AUS PORTUGAL, Linienstrasse 121, 10557 Berlin



    Rufo © PEDRITA, Photo: Silva Campos


    Pato Mudo © PEDRITA


    Coelhos Alentejanos © PEDRITA, Photo: Manuel Chichorro


    © Susana António


    © Nuno Coelho


    Metro © Nuno Coelho
    Portrait © Nuno Coelho, Photo: SaraMartins