• Design & Democracy


    We are looking forward to your contributions!

    In the summer semester 2021, designtransfer will continue its activities mainly online in the blog Design & Democracy due to the Covid-19 regulations, among others

    · about the historical role and position of design in democracies and in the development of societies

    ·  the current limited situation of discourse in the cultural field and possible public activities

    ·  how we imagine a democratic future together and how design can contribute to it.

    All students, teachers, the local and international network and cooperation partners are invited to submit contributions to this thematic field and to expand it – projects, utopias, ideas, visions, observations, analyses, reflections, research, interviews – videos, animations, photos, performances, documentations, graphics, illustrations, products, fashion, architecture, installations…

    Texts & visual material to:
    Subject: Design & Democracy Blog
    Text (German or English) max. 50,000 characters
    Formats: Images: jpeg / Videos: mp4

    Students can be reimbursed for material costs of up to 250€ for contributions in public space under the current regulations by prior arrangement with designtransfer.

    designtransfer is the administrator of the blog for the time being and will regularly publish the submitted contributions during the summer semester (12 April – 17 July 2021).

    A later publication is also being considered in order to summarise and archive the contributions.

    We welcome feedback and constructive comments in order to keep the blog lively over the next months and to lead and promote a diverse, public and creative debate.