• Where are we now? – Authorship in Design #2

    Graduation Show 2018

    Design is an umbrella term that includes multiple professions.

    Designers switch from hands-on craft to abstract thinking;
    one moment focusing on a detail, and the next zooming out
    to explore the bigger picture.
    Fascinated by the interconnection of disciplines and fields as much as
    by material and form, designers have restless minds. They are both
    specialists and generalists, refining and questioning, adapting and
    re-imagining. However, there is a moment when they pause, in order
    to look at their work through a stranger’s eyes.
    The graduating class of 2018 invites you to join them in such a
    moment to share their final master projects.


    Opening: Friday, 13 April 2018, 19:00
    with Aïcha Abbadi, Dirk Biotto, Victor Gonzalez, Max Löw, Gabriela Neumann, Momme Ries, Arne Soltau, Jan Tepe, Emilia Tikka, Stefan Träger


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    Companion © Max Löw

    Trio © Dirk Biotto

    Me & Magrethe © Momme Ries