• Kitchen Craft

    Kitchen Crafts investigates the potential of the home for the textile experiment. In online/offline workshops we pleat and weave cloth and textile artefacts. Our process is guided by improvising with materials and tools we find in our homes.

    Pleating is a textile technique that, even today, is still done manually in crafts studios. In this workshop we explore pleating using paper moulds and steam. Together, we fold paper and fix the folded fabrics in pots or ovens. In the second part we experiment with non-textile materials and unusual moulds found in our home environment.

    In the weaving workshop we experiment with alternative and experimental ways for building a loom at home. We connect the warp threads to chairs and tables, baking trays, refrigerators and washing machines. If possible, our looms can remain installed and the fabric grow over time. We explore combining textile and non-textile materials.

    Participants: Charlotte Achterkamp, Haleh Afshar, Faris Al-Qaiwani, Clara Bageac, Philine Johanna Beutel, Joy Braun, Frederik Britzlmair, Patrick Engelmayer, Fanny Freundner, Maurice Gerlach, Lara Geyer, Titia Grefe, Philip Gultschewski, Mona Gutheil, Pia Alexa Haase, René Habeth, Roya Maria Haupt, Karl Caspar Hoess, Tim Lennart Keuschnig, Sezgin Kivrim, Erika Körner, Maike Lauber, Lisa Marie Elke Meier, Lukas-Maximilian Mogwitz, Linus Nicholson, Leon Antal Parcsami, Minji Park, Luzie Richter, Justin Rivera, Miriam Kuna Schade, Melanie Schill, Lenard David Schnitzler, Michael Sieweke, Katharina Spitz, Laurin Stecher, Nataliya Susyak, Laura Talkenberg, Marie Trabandt, Camilla Volbert, Philip Jasper Welp, Emily Zanon.

    Lecturers: Berit Greinke, Evelyn Sitter

    16 July – 1 October 2020, 24/7
    Outside Showcase, Einsteinufer 43

    The installation was part with an additional life perfomance on 16 July of KUNST RAUM STADT.

    Weaving on the Balcony

    Weaving inside a Chair

    Pleating with Kitchen Tool © Titia Grefe