• Pasta Workshop – “La Famiglia”

    The idea of the workshop is to encourage people to design a completely new shape of pasta, using the tools and dough provided during the workshop. Once the new design is done, people can either produce their new pasta and cook it to taste it at the workshop or develop as well their own take away packaging, or both!

    “La Famiglia” is a workshop around food and design. There are more than 300 types and shapes of pasta in the world. These designs depend on various factors but mainly on the dough used and the kind of sauce you would use with pasta. It’s an Italian tradition to get together and chat whilst food is being prepared, especially pasta. Yet, thanks to the new communication media such as TV, Internet, WhatsApp, etc., this tradition is dying. It’s a curious thing that these advances in communication are killing the most intimate moments of interaction between people.

    The workshop was led by Pepi de Boissieu from the creative Studio Baba Au Rhum, Barcelona.

    Workshop: Saturday, 13. July, 2–6 pm
    designtransfer, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43