HYBRID ARTWORK / Wood / Aluminum / Steel / Zebra Finches

    by Fabrizio Lamoncha

    A common idiosyncratic habit in all urban birds is their inevitable punk nature to shit over our most precious belongings. The author, in collaboration with a group of captive birds, is able to provide  the guidelines to transform this countercultural attitude into a marketable product. For this task a flock of zebra fiches underwent a series of experiments in order to research their physiological, mechanical and social dynamics. The result  is called “Poo Printer”, an analog generative typography printer using the bird droppings as the particle substance that slowly generates the Latin alphabet characters over a large roll of paper.
    The small birds are housed in a customized cage –similar to any birdcage found in a regular household. The cage provides them with all the standard comforts, but instead of straight perches for the birds to sit on, the cage is equipped with perches bent into letters. The birds feed and, inevitably, excrete while sitting on the letter shaped perches. The faces pile up on the  birdcage floor, covered in a high quality paper roll, following the shape of the perches. Gradually, the birds´ excrements form letters on the floor of the cage.


    Installation: 26 February – 28 March 2014, 24/7
    Showcase, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43