• simulacra

    by Sergei Saraiva

    Here, the narrative of light viewed through the frame gestures toward simulacra. The cord snakes freely through the space encircling the column. Beyond the functional monotony of its standard components, we are invited to listen to a dialogue between energy + light and its metaphor.

    Light as object has been removed from the physical interior space, and must now be experienced out in the open (close to a body of water). Presence finds itself in the space between sculpture and illusion; between the here of the physical, and the there of somewhere else. Stirring up unconscious associations of the memories we have of light, we are left (here) to suspend our disbelief.

    designtransfer Showcase Installation, 
    21 January – 6 February, 24/7, Einsteinufer 43
    The Signs of the Augurs – about the curse and blessing of technological developments presents in Vorspiel transmediale related projects from the Berlin University of the Arts on Instagram @_designtransfer and in a later publication.