• terra0

    terra0 is a prototype of a self-owned augmented forest. It is currently being set up at 52°27’39.8″N 13°50’22.9”E – 30km in the east of Berlin.
    The Project emerged from research in the fields of crypto governance, smart contracts, economics and questions regarding representations of natural systems in the techno-sphere. It creates a framework whereby a forest is able to sell licences to log its own trees through automated processes, smart contracts and blockchain technology. In doing so, this forest accumulates capital. A shift from valorization through third parties to a self-utilization makes it possible for the forest to procure its real exchange value, and eventually buy itself.

    By Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling and Max Hampshire.

    15 February – 25 April 2017, 24/7
    Outdoor Showcase, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43