• transfect designsystems!

    Product and Fashion designers are searching for a contemporary expression of the spirit of the time they live in and as a result are also able to shape their surroundings. However to what extend can designers shape the workings of their own field, which have specific cultural, environmental, social, political and economical consequences?

    The term “transfection“ is borrowed from biology and means the reclassification of genes, the smuggling of foreign DNA into a cell with the aim to change the whole system for time to come. The potentials operating within this system are integrated in this process. Design and it’s industry form a system of their very own, that has to be questioned continuously. The first Master Program in Fashion and Product Design of UdK Berlin aimed to examine the function of our society’s design systems and to dismantle one element of this existing systems under the use of the transfection method. In this manner defects, opportunities and misunderstandings were identified. The students developed challenges, subversions, alternatives and comments about or for this system based on their search results.

    >Crafting Plastics< by product designer Vlasta Kubusova and fashion designer Verena Michels for example is a cooperation-platform for young creatives from various disciplines, that is aimed to make the production paths of the design industry more transparent. Bio-plastics and natural fibres were explored und possible applications were tested. All of the products resulting from this project have the ambition to inform about how and by whom they are made, from which ingredients and why. How can design react on current crises in the interaction between ecology and economy and open up new maneuvers?

    A roast chicken made of plush built the inspiration for the project >Cogito<. At first Anna Lukasek observed the change of her niece’s perception: The chicken was fondled like any other stuffed animal in the beginning, though it finally ended up in the oven toy through the niece’s advancing age. The diverse handling of children and adults with lifeless bodies inspired Anna Lukasek to design educational toys which introduce children to the theme of „life and death“ and at the same time keep adults wondering about our society’s normative body images. Where does playing stop and reality begin?

    The results, which are exploring the working process, ways of production and distribution, the social implications and responsibility through subversive design, are now presented in an exhibition at designtransfer.

    Opening: Friday, 16. October 2015, 7pm

    Exhibition: 19.–23. October, 10am–6pm

    project informations:
    Gianni Laneri Deforne
    Sarah Effenberger
    Ulli Grüning
    Anne Karrenbrock
    Susanne Kasper
    Vlasta Kubušová & Verena Michels
    Johannes Kunz
    Dahm Lee
    Anna Lukasek
    Steffen Herrm

    Responsible for the Master Programm:
    Prof. Axel Kufus
    Prof. Maroles ten Bhoemer
    Prof. Dr. Kathrin Busch
    KM Hanna Wiesener

    Contakt: designmaster@udk-berlin.de, www.design.udk-berlin.de/master

    crafting plastics! © Vlasta Kubusova and Verena Michels

    cogito © Anna Lukasek, Foto: Michael Mann, Styling: Christian Kleemann


    Fomme © Sarah Effenberger, Foto: Steven Kohlstock, Models: Nik Mantilla, Pudel Albert