• Concretely Unimaginable

    designtransfer presents as part of Vorspiel transmediale 2021 projects from the New Media Class UdK Berlin on Instagram.

    Students find themselves with the task of designing for an evermore uncertain and unknown future. Things that are either too massive and nonlocal for our grasping, or things that are perhaps too intimate and close to have a real impact. Rapid technological advancements, environmental and climate change, global diseases, and the interconnectedness of everything are only but a few of the contributing factors.
    Projects deal with the increasing uncertainty of trustworthy information, the dependency on online media and big tech companies, the long lock down time and the lack of direct personal interactions.

    What is fake and what is real, is it a religion, can we still think critically, can we breathe freely, how can we get in touch again, how much longer and what future do we want?

    Students: Tatiana Pakhmutova, Dawooni Park, Hibiki Ishima, Orlando Helfer, Niklas Thran, Natalia Rivera, Zoe Spehr, Jens Tiemann, Lucie Jo Knilli, Janik Dietz, Aleksander Luczak

    New Media Class, VK, UdK Berlin,
    Concretely Unimaginable & Convergence, WS 2020/21
    Lecturers: Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä, Luiz Zanotello

    Now You Are Watching A Stream © Hibiki Ishima

    Holy © Tatiana Pakhmutova