• cantouchthis* – Graduation Show Master N°2 2018


    *You can’t touch this. Can you? What are our experiences about the incomprehensible alphabet of statements of sensuality and their uncertainty, is there more to it than wearing a clean holistic shirt made of elements discovered by us after we stopped eating with hands to create a wasteless space where we could fi nd a habitat a new home full of DIY furniture to think of a olfactory medium for cultures and their fermentation? We could sit together intertwined through interaction and get (in)audibly beamed into a cultural hybridity packaging which has to be dissolved by way of biomythography, so in the end there is more than anger and fear. But don’t forget it cleans dishes!

    Eröffnung & Präsentation: Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018, 19:00
    Ausstellung: 22.–23.10.2018, 10:00–20:00

    Graduates: Jonna Breitenhuber, Pierre-Yves Dalka, Ana Beatriz Dantas, Cosima Dörnte, Sarah Dudda, Lea Huch, Hyunjeong Kim, Patrick Palcic, Xijing Xu

    Dank an Kaluza+Schmid für die Unterstützung.









    SOAPBOTTLE © Jonna Breitenhuber

    I am because you were © Py Dalka

    ISSO – Mit Essen essen © Lea Huch

    Erlebnis der unbegreiflichen Dinge © Patrick Palcic