• Where are we now? – Authorship in Design

    Graduation Show and Debate 2017

    The dinosaurs are dead. From now on our work carries our name.

    Design can be poetic, technological, unusable, political, speculative, provocative, experimental, collective, and interdisciplinary. But has it become unbearable?
    Production happens elsewhere. The well-known names are dated. Design objects have lost their relevance.

    We, a new generation of designers, have begun to act beyond classical modes of production. If some of us are acting as autonomous
    creators and lone geniuses, and others as a part of a common collective, what should we call ourselves today?

    We challenge the classical design understanding and wander the outskirts of a discipline that is entering a new era of reflAction.

    To open their master show, the design graduates of the UdK Berlin offer a question up for debate: Where are we now?

    Opening and Debate: Thursday, 19 October, 19:00
    Exhibition: Friday, 20 October, 10:00-20:00