• Design Master 2020

    The Design Master Product 2020 unfortunately could just present their final projects 2020 9 December internally and online.

    The projects are about unlearning, the gender of objects, versatile sofa furniture, merchandise logistics and customer involvement, new sanitation concepts, modular compact computers, colonial entanglements in ethnological museums, a gondola vehicle for car-sharing platforms and research into replicating nature through 4D printing for more durable, flexible and adaptable products.

    Graduates: Hannah Groß, Philipp Seißler, Bodo Pahlke & Magnus Michel, Eike Voss, Pauline Temm, Moriel Blau, Marie Scheurer


    Thanks to Catharina Dörr for additional photos from the exhibition.

    Über das Verlernen auf offenem Feld © Hannah Groß

    Modular Workstation Computer © Philipp Seißler

    From A to B – „OTO, der Großstadtfl itzer“ © Bodo Pahlke & Magnus Michel

    Shift © Eike Voss


    Das Geschlecht der Objekte © Catharina Dörr



    FOLD © Tim Schröder

    Delink © Pauline Temm

    programmable matter © Moriel Blau