• Limited Space: Sarajevo / Berlin

    The exhibit will display the artistic works of students from Berlin and Sarajevo based on the theme “Limited Space: Berlin / Sarajevo,” and will deal with the historic common ground of Berlin and Sarajevo and the continuing far-reaching social, economic and political implications of the limitation of space.

    Berlin / Sarajevo: A Common History of Limited Space The cooperation of the two art schools is concerned with the historic common ground of Berlin and Sarajevo. This year will see the 20th anniversary of the siege of Sarajevo during the Yugoslavian War 1992-95 and thus the resulting systematic destruction of its urban landscape. It was the longest siege of the 20th Century.

    Opening & Paneldiscussion:
    Thursday, 22. November 2012, 7pm

    23.11. – 7.12.2012,
    Tuesday – Friday, 10am -6 pm