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    Regardless of where we are in the world, life under COVID-19 affects us all in various ways.

    Over the course of the last three months, designtransfer collected thoughts, experiences, reflections and perspectives in visual form from our international network, from anyone who wanted to share.

    The submissions were curated, and posted online via the designtransfer Instagram page until the 19 July, end of the academic semester of the UdK Berlin, and will be subsequently documented in a publication.

    A Showcase Installation from 22 October 2020 until 18 January 2021 presented this project also to the public space.


    Please email your contribution/s (multiple contributions are welcome)
    from 18 April until 18 July 2020 as text and attachment to designtransfer@udk-berlin.de; Subject: Covid-19 Diaries

    # Voluntary Information: Name, Location, Country, Date

    # Title & Text: max 1.500 characters including spaces
    Text will be published online in English, but you can also submit text in German, which will be translated

    # Visual Material: max 3 Photos, Videos, Scribbles, Screenshots, Illustrations, Sketches, Graphics…as JPEG, HTML5, max 10MB
    Please submit 3 stills together with any videos for possible publication

    Thank you for all contributions!

    Publication “Right Here, Right Now” from our cooperation partner Winchester School of Art