• Summersnowglobalism

    Zooming in on the porous body of poplar fluffs and the mutation process of snow globes, we can see the human-centered interpretation of spaces in a new light. From micro to macro social perspectives, every being, biotic and abiotic, serves as a recipient in the conceivable virosphere. There are more than hundreds of bacterial species on our hands. Bacteria inhabit plants from the soil around the roots to the canopy.

    Cooperation through viral influences is unlimited inside and outside tools and machines, even between tangled circuits. Do the hollow structured bodies of poplar fluff contain microbes that can cultivate helpful fungi for yeast production? Can a snow globe be a container to receive them and things useful for collective maintenance?

    designtransfer Showcase, 31. Januar – 12. April, 24/7
    by Dawoon Park/New Media Class