• Tools for Activism

    Workshop: VOCAL, VISUAL, VIRAL: Make Tools for Activism

    During this workshop participants were transformed into active makers of protest tools. While experimenting with different materials and forms, the participants also discussed what current political issues to protest against, or alternatively, protest for. Are the methods of protest limited to clothing, banners and tanks? Or can we develop a more gentle, optimistic and humorous language by, for instance, utilising everyday objects? During the VVV workshop we surprised each other with pots and pans, portable drums and spray cans loaded with lemon juice…

    During the official “Kollisionen” presentation, these experimental and impulsive endeavours culminated in a collective protest in the form of an intervention. Around 350 guests bore witness to an invigorating group performance on the topic of fear in public spaces with the aim of helping the guests overcome the anxiety of interacting with the person adjacent to them in a playful and positive manner.
    The results of the workshop, which include inventions such as reflective masks, will be presented as part of the TRANSMEDIALE Vorspiel at designtransfer as well as inside the vitrine located on Einsteinufer.

    The workshop was conducted by Verena Michels and Vlasta Kubušová (Crafting Plastics! fashion + product design) + llka Schaumberg (designtransfer: Design, Art, Activism) + Prof. Axel Kufus (IDK, founder of Kollisionen) + Leónidas Martín (activist collective Enmedio, Spain).

    Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, Nina Birri, Teresa Cook, Matthias Drees, Esther Eichhorn, Julian Farny, Maria Frank, Nele Franke, Timotee Gbaguidi, Nele Groeger, Isak Han, Florentine Hovestadt, Yourim Kim, Luise Kröning, Alice Maurer, Isabel Meier-Koll, Minh-Hien Nguyen, Carina Otte, Tillmann Overlack, Lukas Pardylla, Amelie Schindler, Alexander Schindler, Remo Schneider, Jan Stassen, Lara Stöhlmacher, Insa Streit, Maike Suhr, Cara Westerkamp

    UdK Kollisionen Workshop 2016:
    4. Januar – 8. Januar 2016

    Text (Spanish) by Leonardo Martin / Enmedio