• EXTENSIONS OF PERCEPTION / Vorspiel transmediale

    With digitisation moving into all aspects of society, data is playing an increasingly large role in our lives, yet it often remains invisible and intangible, or conceals a truth that lurks below the surface. From electronic sensing to prediction algorithms, from big data to metadata, from machine perception to personalised feeds –— these often obscured yet highly significant structures are expanding their social, political, and cultural impact.

    In the context of Vorspiel transmediale 2017, the exhibition “Extensions of Perception” at designtransfer showcases projects by design students from the Berlin University of the Arts, which aim to reveal hidden information and make it visible and tangible. The non-perceptible, the connected uncanniness and simultaneous fascination were the starting points for the design of playful and thought-provoking objects, installations, and narratives.

    What could digital data taste like? What if a plant could transmit the feelings of a distant friend or partner? How can a machine help reflect the subconscious? What if facial expressions could be tracked to select an appropriate Emoji for a message? And how might it be possible to listen to the invisible world of molecules and waves?

    Opening: Wednesday, 15 February 2017, 19:00 with
    talk ART OF THE EXPLOIT by Julian Oliver, Critical Engineer and artist
    Exhibition: 16 & 17 February, 2017, 12:00-18:00

    Dream Reflector, Hava – Maja Avnat
    Emoji.me – Catalina Gomez Alvarez
    Dark Matter Sound Generator – Isak Han
    Youterus – Charlotte Marabito, Nana MacLean
    Bittersweet Bytes – Julia Walk
    Inside the Grid – Philipp Hainke
    [e]motion – Hyein Pyo, Parinaz Jabirian
    Egofix – Maximilian Löw, Michael Anders, Max Brüggemann, Sebastian Fengler
    Kugelskop – Jihye Kim
    terra0 – Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling & Max Hampshire
    Shades of Rose – Juan Pablo Garcia Sossa
    The Divide – Andy King

    Vorspiel Program


    Dream Reflector©Maya Avnat


    Bittersweet Bytes©Julia Walk


    Bittersweet Bytes©Julia Walk