• Vorspiel transmediale: Fold/Unfold

    To crease, pleat, gather, drape, twist, crumple, wrinkle, or wrap – folding can be considered one of the most essential of all design and architectural principles.

    In the context of Vorspiel transmediale 2018, the exhibition “Fold/Unfold” at designtransfer showcases projects by Interface and Interaction Design students from the Berlin University of the Arts, which aim to analyse the potential of the fold as a digital interface technology.

    What part does material as interface play in that matter? How can we use smart materials in order to develop self assembling structures? And which spacial or aesthetic opportunities do folding techniques offer us as designers?

    Opening: 30 January 2018, 19:00
    with talk by Christophe Guberan, Product Designer und MIT Self Assembly Lab alumnus
    Exhibition: 30 January – 8 February 2018, Mo–Fr, 12:00-18:00

    Projects by: Anna Babchuk, Wiebke von Bremen, Sevasti Giannitsi, Lisa Gloser, Hannah Greifenstein, Helena Heinecker, Lucie Zoe Lazarus, Hannah Mikysek, Masoud Morgan, Mireya Palmeira, David Pfifferling, Roman Roth, Merani Schilcher, Franziska Seehausen, Annika Terwey, Julius Winckler

    Vorspiel Program