Workshop with students from UdK
    23 – 25 January 2015

    Domestic Data Streamers
    new media design collective
    from Barcelona

    Pau Garcia & Pol Trias

    Images and pictures grab our attention and affect us emotionally in ways that text alone usually cannot. Visual metaphors, in particular, because they put context into information, can sustain a faster as well as a far more rich processing of data: one that is capable of evoking related ideas and stories, of appealing to us at both the conscious and subconscious levels, at the perceptual, cognitive and reflective levels, and eventually captivating our mind.
    So what happens when, in displaying data, facts and figures, we adopt physical metaphors, instead of relying on the more traditional text -and chart- based presentation strategies?
    This workshop explored and pushed the boundaries between data visualization and metal sculpting to create micro data-based stories ready to explode in the audience’s eyes and mind.

    designtransfer, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43