• Denk ich an Berlin

    Denk ich an Berlin by Julia Schubert

    The city is a physical reality. But the image we have of a city is not only shaped by the things we actually see. Objects, traffic, nature, people can carry inherent meanings we give them. The city is not merely perceived, but also experienced. Everything that surrounds us in the city can evoke an emotional response and can be judged emotionally. Our perception, our reflectivity, our knowledge and our receptivity — all work together to decipher and transpose the city space.

    The project dealt with the urban space of Berlin and the possibilities of visualizing personal interpretations, thoughts and emotions generated by the city. In search of a suitable method for this psychogeographical recording of the city, I created a type of construction kit using three-dimensional elements that enabled people to construct their subjective image on a play area. This included handling and building using three-dimensional elements, speaking and scribbling in order to find analogies and metaphors for subjective observations, thoughts and feelings. What potential lies in constructing using three-dimensional materials?

    10 June – 12 July 2016, 24/7
    Outdoor Showcase, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43


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