Who cares? – Design concepts for social transformation

    Projects will be presented that have been developed in cooperation with Edgeryders and the research project #OpenCare. In interdisciplinary teams students from product design and GWK have engaged with the topic. The results are published under a creative commons license as part of the research project and crowdfunding campaigns are running on StartNext.

    Opening: Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 19.00
    Exhibition: 21 July– 24 July, 10.00–18.00

    Concept & Supervision: Gast-Prof. Susanne Stauch Nadia El-Imam, Edgeryders Gast-Prof. Dr. Martin Kiel

    Assistance & Catalog: KM Sarah-Lena Walf

    Project Management: Björn Weigelt, designtransfer

    Partners: Edgeryders, Startnext

    Lecturer: KM Johanna Dehio, Valentina Karga, Ludwig Kannicht, Jeong Hong Oh, Laura Straßer


    ‚Design and Politics for Tomorrow‘: Sabine Junginger, Hertie School of Governance & Caroline Paulick-Thiel, nextlearning

    ‚Design and Open Strategies‘: Daniel Kruse and Kari Wolf, Open State Nadia El-Imam, Edgeryders

    designtransfer support: Ilka Schaumberg, Gosia Lehmann, Andy King, Manuel Almeida Vergara


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