• Design and Politics for Tomorrow

    Participative approaches and design methods in politics for a sustainable society.

    Talk and Discussion: Thursday, 12 May 2016, 19:00

    Sabine Junginger supports international governments seeking for new approaches and methods of policy design and policy Implementation as a design researcher. Her theoretical and practical work bridges human centered design, interaction design, management research, policy studies and organisation science. She supervised the developpements of design within the public sector reflectively right from the beginning and used to be a longtime member of the scientific advisory board of the Denmark mindlab among others. Her latest projects involve public innovation labs in Brazil, Chile and Mexico often collaborating with OECD, Nesta (UK) and Design for Europe (UK).

    Caroline Paulick-Thiel is one of the founders of nextlearning, an association supervising social transformation processes with professional learning formats, and referee at Forschungswende, a civil social platform supporting good governance within the research and innovation politics. She was one of the founders of Politics for Tomorrow in 2015 to developpe human centered and design based working approaches within the political context in Germany and to make them publicly available. Her work focusses new approaches in policy making connected to design (BA) and public policy (MA). Her expertise includes the design of participatory and transdisciplinary processes in the context of science and innovation. She collected versatile experiences in the support and organisation of projects, developpement of strategies, conception and moderation of cross-sectoral learning settings. She works with the German UNESCO commission, the Federal Chancellery, ministries, scientific institutions and major organizations like DNR, VENRO or BAGFW among others. She is visiting lecturer at the Free University of Berlin and the cooperation course of studies Master of Public Policy at the Europe university Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) and the Humboldt university Berlin.


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