• Cultural Commuters

    Cultural Commuters© Exhibition at designtransfer, UdK Berlin as part of state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2016 (4–8 May).

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    Taking the Cultural Commuters© concept as a point of departure, the exhibition project is initiated and curated by Prof. Jozef Legrand and Ilka Schaumberg from designtransfer for the state of DESIGN, Berlin 2016 Festival (4–8 May).

    We have all become cultural commuters oscillating between different communities, places, identities and realities. What makes us cultural commuters?

    Unlike many generation before us, we no longer possess a relatively homogenous and monolithicidentity – neither individually nor collectively. The increased physical and digital mobility of the information society has led to the isolation of individuals, despite the fact that many of us are able to hold multiple memberships in countless communities. This gave rise to an interesting paradox – a surge of networking has accelerated the rate at which individuals are disconnected from long-lasting, stable and traditional social structures.

    The challenge for a cultural commuter lies in taking the experiences from one context in one world, and finding a way to communicate, integrate and mediate them in a different one. This act can lead to problems and conflicts, but at the same time carries a great creative potential. New flexible models are required in order to generate communities which are undeterred by physical distances as well as political, religious, social and cultural differences.

    Due to its procedurally applied nature, Cultural Commuters© considers itself to be an example of such a model.

    The exhibition features projects by students from Visual Communication, New Media, Product- and Fashion Design at the UdK Berlin which together form an evocative collage, providing a glimpse into the lives of cultural commuters by harnessing its creative potential.

    Opening: Thursday, 5 May, 7pm with presentations
    Exhibition: 5 May – 5 June, Tue–Fri, 10am – 6pm +
    weekends: 7 / 8 May + 4 / 5 June, 10am – 6pm

    The exhibition opening on the 5th May is one of the launching events of state of DESIGN, BERLIN 4–8 May, 2016 with an introduction in the concept of the Cultural Commuters© by Prof. Jozef Legrand as well as performances and presentations.

    The exhibition will be one of the stations of this years DMY Design Spots.


    _ CUTTING & EDITING, Modedesign, Bewegtbild, Wintersemester 2014/2015
    Prof. Anna Anders, Prof. Valeska Schmidt-Thomsen,, KM Jana Patz

    ZAR I — Eden, 3:47 min – von Sven Gutjahr & Julia Bajanova (Mode)
    ZAR II ­­­— Human, 5:02 min – von Sven Gutjahr & Julia Bajanova (Mode)
    PING PONG, 2:49 min – von Maryna Makarenko & Kasia Kucharska (Mode)
    FRANKFURT-BERLIN, 10:07 min – von Jana Tost & Hannah Fischer (Mode)
    THE WELL CONSTRUCTED MAN, 2:10 min – von Stini Roehrs & Florian Máthé (Mode)
    ME MYSELF AND I, 5:20 min – von Elisa Gómez Alvarez & Nicolas Stephan Fischer (Mode)
    CÀI LA, 3:42 min – von Pawel Bartosik, Marianna Januszewicz & Tuan Nguyen (Mode)
    CASUAL FRIDAY, 6:59 min – von Claire van der Mee & Wanda Wollinsky (Mode)
    NARZISS_GOLDMUND, 3:07 min – von Ella Lisbet Funk & Katharina Heckmann (Mode)
    IF I WASN’T BIG, 2:42 min – Dariya Susak & Yulia Tatarchenko & Friederike Stanitzek (Mode)

    Sauen Workshop:
    SOUTH OF THE CLOUDS, 1:15 min – von Dariya Susak & Yulia Tatarchenko, Friederike Stanitzek (Mode), Katharina Heckmann (Mode)
    BORE OUT PRETTY HURTS, 2:09 min – von Ella Funk & Jana Tost & Elisa Gómez Alvarez & Nicolas Stephan Fischer (Mode)
    RUSSIAN WEDDING, 1:44 min – von Jana Tost & Ella Funk & Kasia Kucharska (Mode)
    TRAMETES VERSICOLOR, 1:14 min – von  Maryna Makarenko & Katharina Lutat (Mode)

    _ HÄUSER, HUNDE, LAMPEN, Kunst und Design, Produkt- und Modedesign, Wintersemester 2015/2016
    Prof. Jozef Legrand, Tutor Jana Francke

    Noura Abdelbaky, Marilia Afxentiou, Silva Albertini, Kimia Amir-Moazami,, Marcel Bauerfeind,, Louis Bruno Bindernagel, Nina Birri, Valentin Bufler, Sandra-Dewi Du Carrois, Jasmin Erb,, Martin Fenske, Julius Führer, Alessandro Gentile,, Fee Grohmann, Sascha Huth, Paula Keilholz, Agnes Kelm, YouJung Kim, Ayosha Kortlang, Kristine Krebs, Isabel Meier-Koll, Nadia Narges Rezaei, Julian Preindl, Fiona Radszuhn, Yannik Rohloff, Anna Ryzhova, Isabell Schnalle, Frederic Seidl, Sarah Sekles, Sara Smed Weinholt Jensen, Laura Talkenberg, Bastian Thürich, Nghiem Tuong Vi, Tillman Vanhöf, Georgia von le Fort, EndFragment, Jana Francke

    _ BARBEQUESTS, Technologie Wintersemester 2014/2015
    Prof. Holger Neumann, KM Dirk Winkel

    KUBITO  – Daniel Theis & Hyunjeong Kim
    ARMAGRILLO – Fabian Haarbeck & Cathryn McAnespy
    GRILL IM ORDNER – Julia Rölle
    CONCEPT 3.0 – Philipp Hainke & Dennis Nguyen
    LUNCHBOX – Dominik Annies & Julian Ribler
    SPIESSER – Katharina Bellinger & Sabrina Hämmerling
    RACE 28 – Jana Carpaneto & Laureanne Kootstra
    BICYCUE – Marie Radke & Milan Friedrich
    THE FOLDABLE – Niklas Böll & Dominik Kopatz

    _ GEMEINSAM EINSAM, Entwerfen Visueller Systeme, Visuelle Kommunikation, Wintersemester 2015/2016
    Prof. David Skopec, KM Bernd Grether, Prof. Dr. Michael Hutter

    WITTENAU-HERMANSTRASSE – Judith Holly, Lizzy Onck, Camila Peralta, Katharina Schwarz
    AN-ALPHABETEN – Patricia Doleschel, Sarah Hasenmeile
    ALLEIN, NICHT EINSAM – Julie Frieß

    DOUBLE SHIFT (WT) – Paula Ellguth, Marjam Fels (Visual Society Program, WiSe 2015/16)

    _ REMOTE CONTROL, Digitale Klasse, Visuelle Kommunikation, Kunst und Medien, Wintersemester 2015/2016
    Prof. Joachim Sauter, , Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä, KM Dominik Schumacher, KM Stefan Schwabe

    DISABLED – Chen Hsiang Fu
    ARC d’HYSTÈRIE – Kevin Röhl
    DISTANCE CLOCK – Simon Weckert
    #FOLLOWMYDAILYWORLD – Florian Maas, Pawel Bartosik
    INHERENT REASON – Paul Kollberg & Paul Seidler (Outside Showcase Installation)

    THE GREENWICH GLOBE – Alisa Goikhman

    _ PROTOTYPING (UN)REALITY, Produktdesign, IDK, Wintersemester 2015/2016
    Prof. Axel Kufus, KM Johanna Schmeer, KM Hanna Wiesener

    EZM – Anna Petersen
    TRANSMEMO – Charlotte Marabito
    PRO-FILE – Marie Scheurer
    ELGOOG – Sophie Stanitzek
    DROP – Jana Francke


    AFANSHOP – Timm Hartmann (Master Grafikdesign / Kommunikationsdesign)
    THE CONCEPTUAL INTERFACE METAPHOR – Alisa Goikhman (Master Digitale Klasse)
    GENEALOGIE DER FORM – Susanne Kasper (Master Modedesign)
    IN MY SLEEP I DREAMT THIS POEM – Milena Kraft (Bachelor Modedesign)
    ANIMALS, THINGS + HUMAN BEINGS – Nicole Gütl (Bachelor Modedesign)
    CONZ – Marco Magnago (Diplom Produktdesign)
    SNAK – Gunnar Søren Petersen (Diplom Produktdesign)
    FRAME – Florian Schreiner (Bachelor Produktdesign)
    ZWISCHEN KÖRPER UND RAUM – Annika Burmester (Bachelor Produktdesign)
    RITUAL – Anna Marszal (Bachelor Produktdesign)


    TRYPO – Moriel Blau (Produktdesign, 3. Semester)
    CULTURAL WEIGHT – Yair Kira (basis labor, 1. Semester)
    ERBE1015 – Jan Geiger Dedio (Modedesign, 5. Semester)
    MATEIÁ – Annika Burmester (Kunst & Design)

    THE LULLABY BOX – Civic Infrastructures, Design Research Lab
    Bianca Herlo, Fabrizio Lamoncha, Lutz Reiter


    © state of DESIGN, BERLIN 2016

    © Alisa Goikhman_conceptual Interface Metaphor



    GREENWICH GLOBE © Alisa Goikhman

    © Annika Burmester_Zwischen Körper und Raum

    ZWISCHEN KÖRPER UND RAUM © Annika Burmester

    A FANSHOP © Timm Hartmann