• MAKE!?

    work in progess

    In daily activity we build whole worlds and bring them down again, are always ready to look back, start all over again and even throw ourselves on the funeral pyre.

    A new start is inherent in every step, and the significance of the in-between blots out the beginning and the end.
    In all the hustle and bustle, we almost forget that we shape our lives by shaping our paths.

    The eternal development is our destiny, we are “in the making”.

    We have learned to accept that not every issue has to be resolved and not everything has to be ended.
    If there is no goal, there is no work to compensate – a redeeming thought.

    MAKE is the way, the “non-solving” of the problem, the eternal questioning as a perpetual challenge.

    In the Product Design Master Exhibition 2021 we therefore show a collective process, an interlude of fruitful boredom and surmountable frustration.

    The question at the end is not “to make or not to make?”
    but “what are we making out of it?”

    Opening designtransfer outside Showcase:
    Tuesday, 28 September, 19:00 – 21:00

    Showcase Exhibition: 28 September – 31 October, 24/7

    Saturday 30 October, 15:00 – 18:00:
    Meet the Masters at the showcase during UdK Open Doors 29 – 31 October, All are welcome

    with Marie Radke, Bastian Thürich, Elisa Hösch, Sanghyeok Lee, Louie Gavin, Matthias Gschwendtner, Yuhang Ke, Merlin C. Everding