For the UdK Rundgang of 2018, designtransfer shows the exhibition ONE YEAR DESIGN & SOCIAL CONTEXT which exhibits three projects that Product Design Professor Ineke Hans realized with students during her first year at the UdK Berlin.

    It concerns – among others – two recent projects from the Summer Semester:

    In POWER HOUSE, students explored powerful alternatives for future living in a networked society where the Internet of Things is a reality, and where growing digitization in and around our houses request more and more products with plugs and power while – at the same time – we really have to slow down on our use of energy in the future. New products, projects, systems and strategies were developed that offer sensible and sustainable solutions for our houses, high-tech or low-tech. 

    In CELEBRATING GLASS, students discovered glass – in all its forms – through study trips and workshops in Berlin, London and Meisenthal in France. By exploring glass blowing and lamp-working, to unforming glass in various ways. They designed objects that celebrate the material; that evoke happiness, that jubilate, that commemorate special moments, honor peculiar uses, specific functions, or just revel the experiment. The glass projects that came about in a joint workshop with students of HBK-Saar in Meisenthal will be on show at Designblok Prag in October 2018.

    PROBE shows the presentation that Ineke Hans initially prepared with students to present UdK’s product design department at the IMM-fair in Cologne. It was accompanied by a catalogue from the acknowledged Berlin Studio Lambl/Homburger. In Cologne however, it was selected to be present at the renown SaloneSatellite in Milan. During the Rundgang, PROBE pops up one last time in Berlin, with both student and graduate projects that show how the UdK’s BA and MA Product Design students of today explore; looking into new materials and techniques for design as well as aiming to find new typologies and products that fit to the time we live in and our future.

    The Outside Showcase of designtransfer shows extracts from the EXPLORE & ACT pamphlet, which is a result from a two year Salon-project that Prof. Ineke Hans ran in London in 2015-2017 and that contains the roots that the course DESIGN & SOCIAL CONTEXT is based upon.

    Ineke Hans’s first UdK projects WIR STELLEN UNS VOR (Digital Production / Analogue Production) and results from the DESIGN FOR WHAT MATTERS (Braun competition 2018) that took place in the Winter Semester, will be presented during Rundgang in her Project Rooms 202 and 203 of Design & Social Context at Strasse des 17. Juni, 118.

    Exhibition: 18–22 July 2018, 10:00–18:00
    Finissage: Sunday, 22 July, 18:00

    designtransfer, UdK Berlin, Einsteinufer 43, 10587 Berlin

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    “DoDo” by Sophie Stanitzek & Sarah Sekles

    Celebrating Glass